365 Finale

I actually made it through three hundred and sixty-five days worth of self portraits. There were so many times when I wanted to give up. In the beginning around 80-100 days and again in the early 300’s. But at that point I had gone too far to give up.

The hardest part was when I already got into bed and then remembered, “shit, my self portrait for today!” Then drag myself out of bed and take a half-assed, not-so-creative self portrait.

There were some really good ones in the mix too though. Here are some of my favorites from the project.
Day 4/365 - Somewhere in Between Day 159/365 - Two Better Halves Day 120/365 - Red Magic Day 184/365 - Where's the spy cam? Day 138/365 - She Sees Right Through Me Day 249/365 - Bouquet of Me Day 309/365 - If I had a Na'vi Avatar Day 317/365 - Wall Art Day 319/365 - Haunted

The 365th picture (below) involved having a bunch of friends over to take a picture of me from their very own unique angle at the same time. I then gathered all of the pictures and composed a (somewhat) Picasso-like montage of a last self portrait. I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out.

It was hard to make the mental switch to stop worrying about taking a picture every day. I kind of miss it. There were still some cool ideas on my list that I didn’t get to, so I’ll probably still do them… some day.

Day 365/365 - The Finale
(Take a look at the picture on Flickr to see who took what)

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