A Taste of City Life

Saturday morning I completed my initiation into city life. I got ready for the day, headed outside and discovered that my car had been broken into over night.

The hooligan busted out the rear driver’s side window. There was tons of broken glass all over the back seat. They went through the glove box and the storage pouch in the driver’s door looking for the face to the radio. They didn’t find it because I always take inside with me. The only thing they walked away with was my nice, awesome sunglasses. One damn pair of sunglasses. That’s so not worth it.

Luckily I was able to find a good company to replace the window that day. Dropped it off and two hours later I had a new window. What bothers me the most about this whole thing is that our dumb-ass ex-landlord failed to give us a working garage door opener. With that, my car would have been in the garage and safe. Grrrr.

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