Nicole Hanusek

November 4, 1976

From “365 Days
(Self Portraits)

I moved to the Bay Area in March of 2005 and I absolutely love it. There are so many things to do here and everything is so beautiful. I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and don’t miss a thing about it except for my family and friends.

I’m an artist and have been since I was a child. I knew at a young age that it was my career of choice, so it has always been my focus. I attended collage at the Cleveland Institute of Art and obtained a BFA in Illustration. During college I started working as a web designer and have been advancing in this field ever since. I love web design because it involves both the artistic side of my brain and the analytical – trouble shooting code and solving usability problems.

Outside of the day job I try to remain artistic by taking a lot of photos and posting them to Flickr (it’s one of my few addictions). I also paint and draw in an attempt to build up my portfolio with regards to illustration, which I hope to do full time one day. You can buy some of my work on Etsy. Or check out my fun and goofy t-shirts here.

I also devote time to my dog, Joe, and to doing many fun things in the Bay Area with my husband and our friends. Some of these include wine vacations, motorcycle riding, snowboarding/skiing, and sightseeing at home. I also love to travel and listen to music. Oh, and this was my awesome wedding.

If you want to read an interesting and fascinating story, here’s how I found my father in 2003.

What else do you want to know about me?