Finding My Father

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Finding My Father

Posted: 07/28/03

I grew up living with my mother, aunt and grandfather in Cleveland, Ohio. And I never knew my father. All I knew was that my mom did not want to marry him, so he found someone else and moved to Texas… (continue)

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Soon We Meet

Posted: 08/27/03

In just 48 short hours I will be sitting in my dad’s house. How exciting! I’m trying not to think about it too much, else I might just drive myself nutty! Check back often – I’ll try to keep the journal going while I’m visiting in Houston.


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Posted: 08/28/03

All packed and ready to go! Still trying not to think about it too much.

Everyone keeps asking if I’m nervous, but nervous is not the right description. Excited is more like it!

Houston here I come!

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I Arrive

Posted: 08/30/03

Coming round the corridor I could see my “new” family – I couldn’t help but smile. My dad comes forward to give me a big hug. I feel him tremble with anxiousness, as I must be too.

Then I got hugs from my siblings – Danielle & Keith, Ricky, Brittany and Alexis. And I’m handed a big… (continue)

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The Beach

Posted: 09/02/03

Saturday night I saw my dad’s band at Sam and Dave’s. They were awesome. They really sound great. The whole family came, which was ok with Dave (Texas law states that it’s ok for a minor if the parent is there and the bar allows it). Then Sam, the owner, came and kicked out all the minors. That real… (continue)

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A Week at Home

Posted: 09/04/03


We headed home from the beach house. I got caught up on some email and we all took some much needed naps. That night Keith came over and he, Dad and I went for movies and ice cream. It was a pretty laid back relaxed day. I also met my sibling’s mom and grandma. They were both ver… (continue)

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First Thanksgiving

Posted: 12/04/03

Thursday, Thanksgiving Day

My first “new” family holiday. My half brother, Keith, and half sister, Danielle, came to stay with me for Thanksgiving weekend. They flew in Thanksgiving day.

I picked them up from the airport around 3:00 while my ex-husband busily cooked dinner on … (continue)

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Xmas Vacation

Posted: 12/30/03

We arrived around 4:00pm. Dan got to meet my dad and the rest of the family for the first time. To my suprise, dad had a new puppy, Juliet. Sweet little pitt bull mix. Brittany was nice enough to give us her room so we settled in. In the evening we hung out in the back yar… (continue)

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Dad’s Visit to Ohio

Posted: 03/30/04

Last weekend my dad came up for a quick little visit. He stayed with me and Dan and the four dogs, whom he really liked. It was a short weekend, so it was packed full of little get-togethers, which means lots of eating.

He arrived late Thursday night. Friday we had lunch with grandma. Then … (continue)

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The Denver Trip

Posted: 06/03/04

Thursday, May 27

Five of us flew to Colorado from Cleveland: me, Grandma, Aunt Diane, Aunt Tammy and her daughter, Kayleigh (16). My dad flew in from Texas. Uncle Mike, his wife, Jenny, and their two sons, Michael (5), and Nicholas (5 mos.), flew in from Hawaii. We were all com… (continue)

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Another Dad Found

Posted: 04/20/05

I got an email from a woman who also found her father, and she allowed me to share it with you:

I read your touching story on your web site. Thanks for sharing such a private moment with the public. I found it in a search.

I am 36 and decided last year (when I turned 35) to… (continue)

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Trip to Niagara Falls

Posted: 08/15/05

I finally began uploading some photos to my Flickr account. I decided to start with some well over due photos of my trip to Niagara Falls back in February with my dad, his girlfr… (continue)

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