Nicole Hanusek
Senior Visual Designer / User Interface

Professional Profile

  • Highly sought after designer capable of developing project requirements; creating effective, high-end design concepts, wireframes, and prototypes; and hand-coding finalized designs in HTML and CSS.
  • Artistic talent combined with technical experience and great communication skills form a unique skill set.
  • Quick, strategic problem solver with ten years of experience in:
  • Visual Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Wireframes & Prototypes
  • Illustration and Icons
  • Typography
  • Brand Development & Maintenance
  • Flash Animation
  • e-Commerce Initiatives
  • SEO Strategies
  • Cross-Browser Constraints
  • Site Structure & Layout
  • Web Applications
  • Content Management Systems
  • Web Standards & Best Practices
  • Usability & User Testing
  • User-Centered Design
  • HTML, CSS (hand coded)
  • Client Relationships

Advanced Computer Skills + Technology

  • Adobe CS4: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks
  • Flex, some

  • Quark
  • HTML, XHTML CSS (hand coded)
  • JavaScript, DHTML, AJAX
  • PHP
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • CVS, P4
  • PC & Mac

Work History

Smack Happy Design, LLC – San Francisco, CA

Owner / Designer, January 2007 to Present

Providing web design, visual design, brand identity, wireframes, interactive mock ups, user interface, business cards, logos, illustrations and more to various companies.

[ web site ]

Home-Account, Inc. – San Francisco, CA

Web Director, October 2008 to February 2009

Responsible for visual design, brand identity, wireframes, interactive mock ups, user interface and overall site interaction.

Alexa Internet – San Francisco, CA

Webmaster/User Interface, January 2006 – October 2008

Responsible for visual design and user interface of Improved user experience across the board, cleaned up the site and gave it a consistent look throughout. Improved traffic graphs, Google ad placement, and site navigation. Conducted user testing, created wireframes; made icons for the Alexa toolbar and supporting graphics all over the site.

[ web site ]

UI Samples

Alexa Accounts and Reviews – Currently working on layout and interaction for two new sections on the Alexa site: accounts and reviews. Creating interface for user login, registration, and profile pages, as well as the review forms, editing and maintaining them.

Alexa Traffic Graph – Hundreds of thousands of people use the Alexa Traffic Graphs every day to check their web site stats. The compare sites feature was underused and needed to be more prominent. Evaluated existing graph, conducted several rounds of user testing and produced a more user friendly graph. Additionally, tested the five colors in the legend against color blindness and changed them to more distinguishable colors.

Alexa Crawlstats – The crawl team at Alexa needed a way to display all the data they receive on a daily basis. Began by asking the team questions about how they planned on using the data. Built wire frames, followed by prototypes, and finally the finished interface. The team can now analyze data with speed and efficiency.

E-LOAN, Inc. – Pleasanton, CA

Web Designer/Developer, April 2005 to January 2006

Cleaned up web site code and converted entire site to CSS, which improved organic search results by 25%. Created landing pages for various key search terms and dynamically changed content accordingly. Maintained brand standards while working on print collateral including: newspaper and magazine ads, posters, flyers, and postcards. Also managed relationship with vendor to have pieces printed. Designed with regard to timelines and budget, juggling many projects at one time.

[ web site ]

UI Sample

Eloan Auto Calculator – Eloan provides Home and Auto loans to consumers. The Auto Loan Calculator continually dropped users after performing a calculation. Evaluated usability test results and began with wire frames. Worked through several rounds of revisions to create a more user friendly tool. The new calculator converted 183% more users to loan applications.

Xteric Technology Group, Inc., a technology consulting firm – Independence, OH

Web Designer/Developer, August 2004 to April 2005

Developed and designed web sites for myriad clients, large and small. Gathered requirements, created mockups, presented concepts, and implemented designs; managing the entire client relationship. Hand-coded HTML and CSS with the following in mind: web standards, load time, usability, and effectiveness. Also worked closely with executives to redesign corporate web site and printed literature; and created design standards for the company.
[ web site ]

Sample Clients & Results

Rocky Outdoor Gear – An eCommerce site. Created layouts, presented to client, went through several design iterations. Implemented prototype in HTML and CSS, tested in several browsers, then applied to templates and pages in WebSphere. Worked with development team editing, improving and testing code and layout in WebSphere with regard to user experience.

Jack Kahl & Associates – marketing web site to promote book. Offered sound suggestions and direction for client’s first web site. Managed project and client relationship, from start to finish. Client was overly pleased with results and the quickness with which the site was completed. [ web site ]

Hy-Ko Products Co. – several corporate web sites for different
product lines. Redesigned several of these sites. Client was concerned about
keeping a similar look and feel, and in the end was so pleased with the outcome
that he hired me to be a liaison between him and another vendor to assure
that design was consistent. [ web site 1 ] [ web site 2 ]

UI Sample – A project enabling school officials to arrange and order school photos online. Designed the user interface for two interactive features on the site. Calculate Your Profit – calculated the schools profit from picture day based on certain criteria entered by the user. And Picture Packages – allowed the user to dynamically create several package options to offer parents.

Avantia, Inc., a technology consulting firm – Independence, OH

Senior Graphic Designer, July 2003 to August 2004

Assisted with marketing campaigns; including printed postcards and online animated greeting cards. Revised corporate web site to make it viewable in both Flash and non-Flash format. Maximized use of downtime by learning new technologies and best practices. Worked closely with engineers.
[ web site ]

Sample Client & Results

Family Heritage Life – company web site, built in OpenCMS. Assisted client in organizing information for web site and provided tips on writing for the web. Created, presented and implemented designs. Took photos of top executives for use on the site. Trained client and assured that he/she was able to use OpenCMS. [ web site ]

UI Sample

Air Force – AF DUS&T online workshop registration. Client was concerned about registration being user friendly, and ability to manage registrants. Gathered requirements, designed and implemented using PHP and PostgreSQL. Thoroughly tested registration and security; assured that code was forward compatible for the following year. Users were impressed with the ease of registering; client was extremely happy with results and admin capabilities.

OhioOnline, Inc., a technology consulting firm – Cleveland, OH

Art Coordinator / Project Manager, April 1998 to July 2002

Met with clients and managed the design team on several projects in addition to creating mockups and implementing designs in HTML and CSS. Worked on corporate site as well as office organization of company literature and proposals. Assisted creatively with marketing efforts, including trade show booths, ads, posters, and postcards. Designed and maintained online magazine for the company.
[ web site ]

UI Sample

Riddell – Producer of football apparel. Created visual aid to help salesmen show coaches the finished product. The user interface included many options: colors, stripes, numbers, fonts, helmets, face guards and more. The salesmen would build football uniforms on the spot, allowing coaches to see the product before buying it. Sales increased by 200%.


Cleveland Institute of Art – Cleveland, OH
Bachelor of Fine Art, 2000
Major: Illustration   |   Minor: Graphic Design

Additional Experience / Education

   Direct Marketing Seminar
   Artists as Entrepreneur’s Institute
   Working Author and Illustrator – Northfield Elementary School, Spring
   Being an Artist – Garfield Middle School, Fall
Business Host: Teachers in the Workplace

References upon request

Web Design Resume: PDF | MS Word
Artist Resume: PDF | MS Word