An Update on our Living Situation

Because I know you’re all just dying to know 😉

For a while there we were hoping that the bank or funding company that owns the condo now wouldn’t ask for rent. Because banks aren’t in the renting business, they are in the selling business. Well, that turned out to be BS. The bank’s lawyer called last week to ask for all the rent from Oct to present. And we were hoping for a freebie 🙁

As for the condo, they still plan on selling it (with us in it). But I don’t think it has been listed yet. It would be great if we could buy it, but we don’t have a down payment. And if we were going to take the plunge I’d rather look around some to make sure we are getting the best home possible. Not that we don’t like this place. I’m going to be very sad, and angry to move out.

Which reminds me, our unit came with a storage locker that our old landlord “Bob” refused to hand over. This past weekend we finally got in there, and guess what we found? You’re thinking it’s packed full of stuff right? Maybe some gold bullions or a box full of jewels? No, no my friend. The only thing in there is a medium sized box of clothes. He made our lives miserable (I asked him to get his stuff out repeatedly), for a stupid box of stinky clothes. That bastard.

Oh yeah, and one more thing. Up until about a week or two ago he was STILL asking for rent. Rent plus late dues, actually. We have a copy of the deed, we know he doesn’t own it. He’s clearly on crack, or believes we are for thinking we’d actually give him money.

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2 Responses to An Update on our Living Situation

  1. Mathew says:

    Maybe he was living in the storage space.

  2. Nicole says:

    Wow, that would be hilarious, sad, and somewhat gratifying.

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