Apartment Hunting Sucks

For those of you that personally know me, this may be of interest. We’re moving to the city!

Last month Steve started working at a new job in SOMA (South of Market) and so we officially decided it was time to make the big move. I started looking at places on Craigslist about three weeks ago. We’re looking in a few specific neighborhoods: Noe Valley, Mission Dolores, Hayes Valley, Cole Valley, North Beach (maybe), and Haight. In addition to our picky-ness about where we want to move we also have two other specific criteria; we have the dog and we MUST have a garage (for our precious motorcycles). So needless to say, it’s a slow search.

Our landlord has been kind enough (after a lot of painful back and forth) to give us until October 15th. For a while we thought we only had until September 15th, which was giving me much stress. I won’t bore you with the details of our arguments, but she’s quite a moron. Anyway, I’m relieved to have the extra time. Hopefully it will allow us to hold out for just the right place. I figure I can start panicking around the end of September.

So wish us luck! Because so far our choices have been slim.

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2 Responses to Apartment Hunting Sucks

  1. tinou says:

    sweet, we can be neighbors.

  2. robyn says:

    many, many good wishes for a speedy search and a great new place!

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