Barcelona, Day 13

(Thursday, May 24th)

We set out with Brian, Amy and Keli and started at Granja Vieder (milk bar) for thick chocolatey drinks. They were indeed very thick and very chocolatey! This particular place is the oldest in Barcelona, since 1870. I expected it to feel old, but it didn’t. It must have been refurbished in the 50’s.

Brian split off and the rest of us went to the Promenade for lunch at Agua. The food was good, but the odd thing is that they charged for each piece of bread we ate. Weird right?

More pictures

Then we walked along on the beach and wound our way back towards the Metro stop. We had some ice cream on the way and it was a nice, leisurely, beautiful day.

When we got back to the apartment we napped (I was getting really used to the siesta style of living) and played captions.

Then most of us went to the second fancy dinner, this one at Alkimia. The food was fantastic – and beautiful – the wait staff was super friendly and funny. Amy was flirting with our waiter, so I wanted to take his picture (along with his two female helpers) and so she asked him in Spanish. He thought we meant the entire staff, so he took me back in the kitchen to photograph them too! What fun 🙂 (Menu and food)

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