Brace Yourself

Yeah, you won’t believe this, but, they actually picked up my car. Yes, it’s true. My uncle called and told me that they put it on a truck today, and it is heading west!

So let’s recap… I signed a contract with a company called Town and Country Auto Transport. They lied horribly and said they’d pick up my car on March 29th. In the contract it clearly states that the pick up date is an estimate, which is meant to cover their butts in a case such as mine, where four weeks later they still hadn’t picked it up. There is no recourse, there is no getting my $150 deposit back, there was simply nothing I could do about it.

So after four weeks of renting a horrible, piece of crap Kia Rio (no offense if you own one, but it’s like driving around in an aluminum can, and has NO power, sucks ass), I gave up and was considering flying back to Ohio in order to drive my car out here to California.

Meanwhile, my car had been sitting in front of my mom’s place and one of the tire’s had gone flat. My uncle decided to get it fixed, got some outrageous estimate because it was irreparable and I told him to take it to Ford (before I left Cleveland I got an oil change and had them remove the snow tires – one of the regular tires was damaged, so I had to buy a new one). I thought maybe there was a mix up when they replaced it, and also knew that they would charge much less for another the new tire compared to the estimate he got. So he took it to Ford and they replaced the tire.

Later that day it occurred to me to ask the guy at Ford (David, VELY nice man) about shipping my car. Unfortunately they don’t do that, but David was an avid car lover and had some magazines at home; which he looked through over night and called me the next day with a list of companies and phone numbers. One of these companies was Prestige Auto Transport, the company that picked up my car today. And in 7-10 days, I hope to be driving my wonderful Ford Focus around the Bay Area, finally!

Matt at Prestige was very nice and offered to try and get my deposit back from Town and Country because David had referred me. So far I haven’t heard back on that issue, but I am still hopeful.

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  1. Andrew Wash says:

    I know it is too late now but this site may be of assistance. Feel free to post your story. Both good and bad.

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