Breaking In


For several months I had been feeding my little squirrel friend. I would throw sunflower seeds in the front yard and watch him hunt and nibble. He became very used to me feeding him and started to ask for it. For instance, I would be outside or cleaning the house and sweeping the dirt out or just walking out the door and there he would be! As though he were saying, “Hey! Feed me!”

There came a point when he recognized the sound of the sunflower seed bag and my Ex’s voice saying “Squirrely!” Then I offered the seeds from me hand. Squirrely danced around it and looked as though he wanted to take the seeds, but still did not trust me enough to appproach. I gave up and threw the seeds as usual, amused when they bounce off Squirrely’s back.

Then one day I came home and found the screen in the kitchen window ripped open! There were no claw marks on the window sill from the dogs, so it could not have been them. There was nothing missing, so it was not a burgler. The only other options were the squirrel or a bird. But why or how? So I shut the window and we left it unanswered.

The very next morning I walked into the kitchen and there was Squirrely on the outside of the window!! He was trying to get into the house!! That crazy squirrel tore a huge hole in the screen trying to get to those sun flower seeds!!

The previous day he must have gotten half way in when the dogs woke up and barked at him, because if he would have come inside, the house would have been a mess and Squirrely would have been dead!! Or he would have been alive on top of the fridge looking down on two dogs and a mess. Because if Squirrely is smart enough to break in, he might be smart enough to escape the dogs too!!

Who would’ve ever guessed that the first time the dogs got to chase away a thief it would be a squirrel!!

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