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365 Days – the book!

365 Days of Self Portraits By Nicole Hanusek Book Preview I finally finished the task of turning my 365 days of self portraits into a photo book. After looking at several book publishing sites that print on demand, I ended up going with Blurb. You have to download their software, but it was worth it. The app allowed me to connect to my Flickr account and the photos on my computer. The templates were easy to work with too. I could easily create my own and edit individual templates. And in the end they don’t charge a buttload for a … Continue reading

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365 Finale

I actually made it through three hundred and sixty-five days worth of self portraits. There were so many times when I wanted to give up. In the beginning around 80-100 days and again in the early 300’s. But at that point I had gone too far to give up. The hardest part was when I already got into bed and then remembered, “shit, my self portrait for today!” Then drag myself out of bed and take a half-assed, not-so-creative self portrait. There were some really good ones in the mix too though. Here are some of my favorites from the … Continue reading

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How I Made My Avatar

Here is a brief overview of all the layers involved in manipulating myself into an Avatar in Photoshop. The original photo. Removing my eyebrows. First I tried to use the Clone Stamp Tool, but I wasn’t happy with the results. Then I just used a brush at 30% opacity, sampling my skin tone and gradually giving my brow shape while hiding the eyebrow. I also flattened out the bridge of my nose. I darkened my lips. The layer is set to “Multiply”. I enlarged my eyes. First, I cut out the eyes, then reduced the rest of my face (so … Continue reading

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Day 309/365 – If I had a Na’vi Avatar

The original picture, the background, the inspiration.

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365 Slackin

Not really slacking on taking the pictures, just about posting my faves. Here they from June and July. Entire set here

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Fav 365’s from May

A few self-portrait highlights. Entire set here.

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Notes on the 365 Project

I wanted to mention, that if you’ve been enjoying the photos, you will enjoy them even more if you read the titles and descriptions. Sometimes I’m a little bit funny, just sometimes. And here are a few of my favorites from last month. Entire set here: 365 Days.

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Day 36/365 – Please Stop

I took roughly 35 pictures to get one good shot. This is the last one. As you can see by his polite, gentle paw, he’s had enough and he wants me to stop.

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Day 33/365 – Two New

As in, two new cameras in one week. My old pocket camera died, so I had to get a new one. The other glorious item pictured here is the Canon 5d Mark II that I’ve been so patiently waiting for. Bet you can guess which camera took which shot! I already love the new camera. It’s going to make my self portraits even better!

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365 Photos – Week 1

You can see the entire set here.

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