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Rejected Tiger Cubs

I came across these photos of odd animal couples, and what I find odd is that 4 out of 10 pictures show tigers that have been abandoned by their mothers. Why are so many tigers rejected their babes? I tried to do a small amount of research but didn’t find any explanations. I’ll keep searching… Post #16 (50-100-50)

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Not-so-Mysterious Smell

We’re about to only have two women at the office out of roughly 30 people (the third just gave her notice, and I will miss her 🙁 ). Ok, so maybe it will be two and a half, the half being a part time office assistant type. This means that if I poo in the bathroom, half the time there’s no question who did it. When the other woman walks in there and smells that horrible, foul stench, she’s going to think, “OMG, what did Nicole do in here??” She’s not going to wonder which other woman ate some road … Continue reading

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I Hate You Hillary

Why do I say this? Because she’s dragging this whole nominee thing on way too long. At first it was cool, yeah, she’s standing up for her right to be President. She can do it! Though I’ve been rooting for Obama the whole time, I’m still proud of her accomplishments. But now, months later, way too far into the year, I’m tired of it. And I truly believe that her refusal to accept defeat is going to hurt Democrats in the end. I believe this because I’m writing a post about how much I hate her right now. If she … Continue reading

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And the award for “Asshole of the Year” goes to…

On Monday I rode my bicycle to work for the 3rd or 4th time. It’s about 5 miles away. I usually try to follow cars through intersections because I fell I’m less likely to get hit by another car. So I was following a blue Mustang through and he got out of the intersection much faster than I could. Meanwhile the black car to the right of us was turning left. I slowed down a little because he caught me off guard, then I continued through – well so did he. He continued to plow straight into me, just hard … Continue reading

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Damn Murphy’s Law

So, naturally, because I wrote about having a lane all to myself, when I got there this morning every lane had two people in it. Some even had three. Go figure. I managed to suck it up and swim with two others. After about two or three go arounds we were spread out evenly and it wasn’t so bad. Eventually the guy left and it was just me and a woman. And actually, I prefer swimming with women because it makes me feel faster. :p Post #12 (50-100-50)

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Your Head Might Explode

Sometimes Joe does the cutest things. So cute that I think my head is going to explode. So cute I have the desire to eat his entire head, starting with that soft, delicate ear. In this photo he has placed his head on my sweater, which I anthropomorphically interpret as him missing or loving me. Isn’t it just so freaking adorable??? Post #11 (50-100-50)

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Swimming Patterns

I’ve been swimming at the YMCA in the Presidio since about November. I try to swim Monday, Wednesday and Friday, though I don’t make it if I’m sick or have to run an errand in the morning. I’ve been pretty consistent for the most part though. Around January and February the pool got packed for obvious reasons. People made New Year’s resolutions to lose weight and were coming to the pool to do so. This annoyed me greatly, because although the pool is big I hate sharing lanes. Splitting it two ways is fine, but when you have to circle … Continue reading

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Drawing Day 2008

Apparently June 7, 2008 is the first annual Drawing Day. The goal is to promote drawing for the sake of art and get 1 million drawings together on that day. I’m going to participate and I think you should too, whether you draw or not 🙂 Post #9 (50-100-50)

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Of all the color schemes a triad of red, yellow and blue is definitely one of my favorites. Well, blue is just awesome in most cases. Like a complimentary scheme of blue and orange. In these particular pictures, I especially love the shades of blue and red in the first shot. Those two colors together just drive me crazy! (In a good way). Post #8 (50-100-50)

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Dog Celebrity

I just took one of those goofy quizzes where you find out what celebrity your dog would be. As it turns out Joe would be George Clooney. Why do they always make these things so damn ugly? Post #7 (50-100-50)

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