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My Apologies

I swear I’ll get the logo contest back up and running soon. In the meantime, please accept this adorable photo as my apology.

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Lana Fetching

I got some fantastic photos of Lana jumping and fetching the other day. She needlessly jumps way more than she needs to, its pretty clear that she’s doing that for fun! And in some of the shots she looks extremely happy. Take a look at all the photos

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If Joe and Lana were Smooshed Together

They would look something like this… I saw this guy at H&M and had to take a picture!

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Running and running and running…

Here is a video of Joe and Lana chasing each other on the beach at Fort Funston. Joe doesn’t go very far into the water, and Lana just keeps chasing after him, wherever he goes. They play so well together!

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Meet Our New Family Member, Lana

Last week we decided it was time to add another doggy to the family. See, Joe is pretty much my dog. According to Steve, Joe likes him, but he loves me. What can I say, Joe’s a monogamous guy 🙂 Getting another dog was going to be tricky. Steve wanted a female because they typically bond better with men. Fortunately Joe also needed a female, preferably black and about the same size as him. As luck would have it, we found the perfect little lady at the SPCA across the street from us. On Monday Steve and I went over … Continue reading

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Joe Easter Bunny

Over the weekend we played this captions game (attempted explanation here) with some friends. My caption was “Joe dressed like the Easter Bunny and passed out many eggs.” It was handed over to Steve, who drew the cutest rendition of Joe in a bunny costume. It totally captures the essence of Joe! It even has his “sock” ears.

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Day 36/365 – Please Stop

I took roughly 35 pictures to get one good shot. This is the last one. As you can see by his polite, gentle paw, he’s had enough and he wants me to stop.

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Dog Communication

Joe has preferences. On several occasions I managed to catch onto what Joe was trying to tell me. Once, I made him sit, put the food in his bowl, then told him to go ahead and eat it. He just sat there staring at me. I walked away thinking, eh, he’ll eat it. Moments later he was still standing there, staring at me. The staring wasn’t working. He started to give a low rolling growl (not at all mean sounding) and batted at his dish a little. I came over to him and thought about how he likes to back … Continue reading

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Joe’s Long Lost Relative?

I just saw Joe’s identical [thinner] twin! Her name is Lady and her owner wrote me to say that they look almost exactly alike! The only difference is that Lady actually has the beagle saddle, and she’s much thinner than Joe. Pretty neat 🙂

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Your Head Might Explode

Sometimes Joe does the cutest things. So cute that I think my head is going to explode. So cute I have the desire to eat his entire head, starting with that soft, delicate ear. In this photo he has placed his head on my sweater, which I anthropomorphically interpret as him missing or loving me. Isn’t it just so freaking adorable??? Post #11 (50-100-50)

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