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How I Made My Avatar

Here is a brief overview of all the layers involved in manipulating myself into an Avatar in Photoshop. The original photo. Removing my eyebrows. First I tried to use the Clone Stamp Tool, but I wasn’t happy with the results. Then I just used a brush at 30% opacity, sampling my skin tone and gradually giving my brow shape while hiding the eyebrow. I also flattened out the bridge of my nose. I darkened my lips. The layer is set to “Multiply”. I enlarged my eyes. First, I cut out the eyes, then reduced the rest of my face (so … Continue reading

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March Computer Head

I submitted a desktop wallpaper to Smashing Magazine and it got listed for March! Check them all out here.

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Anniversary Greeting Card

I started using Birthday Alarm several years ago. Back then I wrote to them about making a card, and then I forgot about it. Recently I got in touch again, and yesterday they posted my first greeting card! If you use Birthday Alarm, or if you know someone’s anniversary is coming up – send my card. I don’t get paid unless the card gets sent 🙂 Here it is.

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Announcing Smack Happy Design

I’ve taken the plunge and am now freelancing full time! Check out my new company web site, Smack Happy Design. I offer the following services: Web Design, Visual Design, User Interface Print Collateral: Business Cards, Postcards, Flyers Blog Setup, Blog Themes, WordPress Usability Testing Logo Design Illustration Copywriting Flash Animation SEO Expertise So if you need any design work, or know anyone else that does, send them my way!

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Wood Grain Trend

Browsing around on the web lately I’ve noticed what may possibly be an up and coming trend. I found several sites incorporating wood grain, and several others going after a real-world texture style. Are we looking at the end of the soft, bulbous shapes and gradients of web2.0? Will the next generation of web sites go for the opposite approach, with textures that look so real you want to reach out and touch them? Here are the sites I found with wood grain: And here are the sites with other “real world” textures:

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What NOT to do when your site is down

I don’t know how long this site has been down, but I’m not going to keep checking back to find out. I was surfing the web when I came across it and I don’t know what the site is about, and I certainly can’t tell by this temporary page. And that’s one reason you shouldn’t take this approach. How would I solve this problem? A simple sentence or paragraph telling the user what your site about would be much more helpful. You shouldn’t assume that they know. As is I can see they sell something, but who knows what. Ginger … Continue reading

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More Color!

Have you had a taste of the COLOURlovers site yet? It’s quite addictive if you love color. Here’s one of my top palette’s…

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For the Love of Color

Holy crap, I just found this site all about color and color palettes. It’s so addicting – to find awesome palettes, to make your own and come up with crazy names for them. I can’t stop!!! If you’re an artist, or if you just love color (or colour), I highly recommend you check it out – but only if you have several hours to kill. COLOURlovers

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Take the Web Design Survey

Seriously, you should also take the survey.

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