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A Mini-Vacation at Home

My dad and half-brother, Keith, came to visit this past weekend. My first guests since I moved to the Bay Area (two years ago this month!). They flew up from Houston, Texas and stayed a couple of days, from Friday to Tuesday. Friday we just hung out in San Mateo. I showed them how close we are to the bay (about three blocks) and how awesome the view is. That night we ate the best sushi ever at Yuzu (dad and Keith agreed). On Saturday we attempted to go to the beach (south of Half Moon Bay), but it was … Continue reading

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Back from Texas

I just got back from another trip to Texas, my half-brother Ricky got married in Galveston. My dad rented a beach house there for two nights. While there I found a much better way of collecting sea shells – here they are in my Flickr photoset. The water was very strange, on Friday there were no waves in the Gulf, it was super calm. Dad’s friend Donnie said he had never seen it so flat. Saturday it picked up some and by Sunday morning it sounded nice and soothing. The wedding was nice, about 250 people. The ceremony was short … Continue reading

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Trip to Niagara Falls

I finally began uploading some photos to my Flickr account. I decided to start with some well over due photos of my trip to Niagara Falls back in February with my dad, his girlfriend, Felicia, and my half brother Ricky. The three of them flew up to Ohio from Texas and stayed with me (I was in Shaker Hts at the time). Dad rented a car and we drove up to Niagara. There was A LOT of snow on the ground, everything was frozen over. Especially around the falls. A layer of ice formed on top because of the mist. … Continue reading

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Another Dad Found

I got an email from a woman who also found her father, and she allowed me to share it with you: I read your touching story on your web site. Thanks for sharing such a private moment with the public. I found it in a search. I am 36 and decided last year (when I turned 35) to venture out and finally contact my biological father. He has turned out to be a wonderful friend. We really hit it off– I felt the same way you did— never realizing I had a void in my life, until I actually contacted … Continue reading

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The Denver Trip

Thursday, May 27 Five of us flew to Colorado from Cleveland: me, Grandma, Aunt Diane, Aunt Tammy and her daughter, Kayleigh (16). My dad flew in from Texas. Uncle Mike, his wife, Jenny, and their two sons, Michael (5), and Nicholas (5 mos.), flew in from Hawaii. We were all coming together for Abby’s high school graduation – Abby (18), Laurie (20), and Heather (21) are Uncle Mike’s daughters from his first marriage. Us Cleveland fliers had a stop in Chicago, where we missed our connecting flight because the first flight was delayed. After waiting an extra hour and having … Continue reading

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Dad’s Visit to Ohio

Last weekend my dad came up for a quick little visit. He stayed with me and Dan and the four dogs, whom he really liked. It was a short weekend, so it was packed full of little get-togethers, which means lots of eating. He arrived late Thursday night. Friday we had lunch with grandma. Then dinner with his sisters, their husbands and some friends. That night we went to karaoke and had fun singing. Saturday Dan cooked a yummy lunch for us, grandma came over too. Sunday morning we met his sisters again for brunch and then headed back to … Continue reading

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Xmas Vacation

Sunday We arrived around 4:00pm. Dan got to meet my dad and the rest of the family for the first time. To my suprise, dad had a new puppy, Juliet. Sweet little pitt bull mix. Brittany was nice enough to give us her room so we settled in. In the evening we hung out in the back yard, played pool and drank some beer. Monday The only day my dad had to work. He gave us the Chevy Suburban to meet him and Keith for lunch. Afterwards Dan and I went to the mall to watch all the crazy people … Continue reading

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The First Thanksgiving

Thursday, Thanksgiving Day My first “new” family holiday. My half brother, Keith, and half sister, Danielle, came to stay with me for Thanksgiving weekend. They flew in Thanksgiving day. I picked them up from the airport around 3:00 while my ex-husband busily cooked dinner on one leg (he injured the other playing soccer). Our grandma and grandpa also joined us for dinner that day. Grandma and grandpa hadn’t seen Keith and Danielle in quite some time, so it was a nice litte reunion for us all. My brother and sister are very quiet just like me, so the conversation at … Continue reading

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Pictures From the First Visit

My Roses The Concert The Beach House Around Houston

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A Week at Home

Tuesday We headed home from the beach house. I got caught up on some email and we all took some much needed naps. That night Keith came over and he, Dad and I went for movies and ice cream. It was a pretty laid back relaxed day. I also met my sibling�s mom and grandma. They were both very nice people. Wednesday Dad, Danielle and I took a little tour of downtown Houston. We went to a few galleries, ate some Cajun food for lunch, and saw our Dad�s work. Then we stopped in on Keith who works with Dad�s … Continue reading

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