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Hairpin Turns and Elevation Drop-offs

Here’s a little followup to my motorcycle trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles. “Motorcyclist’s Guide to the Best American Ride” infographic was developed by

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I recently crashed my motorcycle

First of all, I’m ok. I ended up with a broken collarbone and bad knee laceration. I’m on week three and feeling a lot better now. I wrote about the experience on the Hear Me Rev site, you can read the full article here: What is it like to crash your motorcycle?

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Hear Me Rev

Not just for boys! by hearmerev I ride motorcycles. I love to show off the fact that I’m a woman AND I ride a motorcycle. There’s an immediate bond with other women who ride, because we are rare, but not for long. More and more women are riding these days. So why is it so hard to find an awesome ladies t-shirt that touts my motorcycle enthusiasm? Every year we go to MotoGP at Laguna Seca. And every year I scour the place for cool, girly shirts. The only shirts I find are Fast Kitty, which are ok, but they … Continue reading

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A Motorcycle Ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles

Ok technically not Los Angeles, we stayed in Santa Monica (for those who would be offended). If you want to take this ride, click here to download my route cards for your tank bag. View Trip to Los Angeles, CA in a larger map Before this trip I had only been to LA two times: once for an overnighter to see my friends Dana and Missy; the other to meet my dad and go to Disneyland with his girlfriend and adopted daughter. I had not driven down, and furthermore I have never taken such a long trip by motorcycle. My … Continue reading

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Motorcycle Upgrade

Saturday I bought my new bike! I wasn’t planning on doing this until January, but a friend from work was interested in my 250, and Steve just got his new bike… so it all just fell into place. And now I have a blue Ninja 650 🙂 I fell in love with the 650 last year when I saw it in Steve’s Motorcyclist magazine. It was a two page spread of a gorgeous silver bike with red highlights (photo). But at the time I wasn’t ready to buy it. When I decided to buy a week ago I discovered that … Continue reading

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Lovely Lane Splitting

Traffic has been horrendous on the way to work for the past three days. I think it might have a little to do with school starting up again. Each day going to and from work I would sit, inching forward waiting for my turn to get through the light in order to sit, waiting again at the next one. Well today my friends, I rode my motorcycle. And let me tell you – it felt GREAT. I got to work in 35 glorious minutes by splitting the lanes about 75% of the time. Why didn’t I ride those other days? … Continue reading

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Through Hell to MotoGP

MotoGP was in the U.S. this past weekend, in our back yard – well, actually in Salinas, which is about 1.5 hours away from our house. But it could be considered our back yard depending on your perspective. We rode our bikes down all three days, and I WAS BEAT!!! Aside from the long hard ride, it was also extremely hot. About 100 degrees in San Mateo and somewhere around the 90’s in Salinas. From about San Jose to Gilroy the temperature was unbelievably hot, and around Gilroy the breeze didn’t have a single trace of cool air in it … Continue reading

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Finally, I Present… My Motorcycle

I’ve been meaning to take some pictures for a very long time. And I suppose now is a good time because I’ve had my Ninja for a about a year now 🙂 I also took some pictures of Steve’s bike, a Honda VFR. Here’s the entire motorcycle photo set of both bikes.

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A Pug on the Road

Today I rode my motorcycle on the freeway for the second time. I crossed the San Mateo bridge – which for those who are not familiar with it, is a bridge that spans about 8 miles across the bay from Hayward to San Mateo (here’s how it looks on Google maps). I was pretty nervous about it, because I know that it can get really windy on the bridge and I thought I’d just be blown around on my small, light-weight bike. But it wasn’t that bad. When I got to the other side Steve and I took Skyline to … Continue reading

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I Passed the MSF Course!

I took the two wheel safety training course and passed! First there was a 6 hour classroom session last Thursday night. I was a little disappointed with it, and felt like I hadn’t learned much more than what I read about in the little MSF book I got when I bought my motorcycle. Then there were two 6 hour classes on the bike, one Saturday and one Sunday. Let me first say that 6 hours on a bike sucks! It’s very tiring and my butt was pretty sore by the end of it. On Saturday we learned the basics, and … Continue reading

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