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A Happy Ending/Beginning for our Condo

I believe we left off with “Bob” trying to evict us. Steve wrote him an email that basically said: you can take us to court, you don’t own the place, you’re going to lose and you’re going to pay our court fees. We haven’t heard from him since then. (If you are not familiar with this story, you may want to start from the beginning – all related posts found here) As for the condo, the funding company that bought it (RFC) originally hired a realtor to sell it (“Jim” from the first post). That realtor didn’t really do much, … Continue reading

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Ridiculous x 1000

The condo saga continues. Today “Bob” left a notice of eviction on our door. For a property that he doesn’t own. Isn’t that hilarious? This story just keeps going!

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An Update on our Living Situation

Because I know you’re all just dying to know 😉 For a while there we were hoping that the bank or funding company that owns the condo now wouldn’t ask for rent. Because banks aren’t in the renting business, they are in the selling business. Well, that turned out to be BS. The bank’s lawyer called last week to ask for all the rent from Oct to present. And we were hoping for a freebie 🙁 As for the condo, they still plan on selling it (with us in it). But I don’t think it has been listed yet. It … Continue reading

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Housing Update

To give you all a little update on the housing situation, the original realtor has been in touch and wants to come over to take pictures. As it turns out, the funding company is going to sell the condo occupied. So it looks like we’ll have to pay rent to whom ever buys it, then we’ll probably have to move out when the lease ends, which is Sept. 30, five days before our wedding. I don’t think I’ll want to add the stress of moving to the stress I’ll already be under. So most likely we’ll try to move before … Continue reading

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The Most Outrageous Move

As most of you know, Steve and I were looking for an apartment in the city and have since moved. The story of our move is unbelievable, and because of potential legal issues, I’m not going to use anyone’s real name. After a really long apartment search, we finally found one on the edge of The Mission and Potrero Hill. It’s a great spot, about four long blocks from the BART station. We were very excited about moving into our new gorgeous loft. We planned on moving things in gradually, starting on the 1st of October, and then the big … Continue reading

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Moving to the Mission!

Phew, finally! After about a month of looking (felt more like 3) we finally found a place. It’s on the edge of the Mission by Potrero Hill and SOMA. We snagged an awesome 1 bedroom loft with an open living plan – I’ve been itching to have a place like this. The only doors are on the one and half bathrooms and the closets. So the kitchen, living and dining area are basically all one. And the kitchen is fantastic – stainless steel appliances, big beautiful stove. The walls are colorful too, not boring old white. The place is about … Continue reading

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Apartment Hunting Sucks

For those of you that personally know me, this may be of interest. We’re moving to the city! Last month Steve started working at a new job in SOMA (South of Market) and so we officially decided it was time to make the big move. I started looking at places on Craigslist about three weeks ago. We’re looking in a few specific neighborhoods: Noe Valley, Mission Dolores, Hayes Valley, Cole Valley, North Beach (maybe), and Haight. In addition to our picky-ness about where we want to move we also have two other specific criteria; we have the dog and we … Continue reading

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