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With a Little Help

I’m trying to generate a little buzz for my new company. If you have an account with any of these sites, please bookmark, fan or digg me, I can use all the help I can get! Digg Delicious Reddit Technorati

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Thank you America!

You made my birthday wish come true! That’s one of the best presents I’ve had in a long time. I think you made the right choice, and you won’t regret it!

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For my Birthday

Dear America, Every so often the Presidential Election falls on my birthday, November 4th, and this happens to be one of those years. What I would like more than anything this year is for you to make Barack Obama our new President. That would be the bestest present ever. Can you do that for me pretty please? Thanks! Nicole

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That Last Post

Ok, I hope you all know I was just trying to be silly with that last post. Right??

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Not-so-Mysterious Smell

We’re about to only have two women at the office out of roughly 30 people (the third just gave her notice, and I will miss her 🙁 ). Ok, so maybe it will be two and a half, the half being a part time office assistant type. This means that if I poo in the bathroom, half the time there’s no question who did it. When the other woman walks in there and smells that horrible, foul stench, she’s going to think, “OMG, what did Nicole do in here??” She’s not going to wonder which other woman ate some road … Continue reading

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I Hate You Hillary

Why do I say this? Because she’s dragging this whole nominee thing on way too long. At first it was cool, yeah, she’s standing up for her right to be President. She can do it! Though I’ve been rooting for Obama the whole time, I’m still proud of her accomplishments. But now, months later, way too far into the year, I’m tired of it. And I truly believe that her refusal to accept defeat is going to hurt Democrats in the end. I believe this because I’m writing a post about how much I hate her right now. If she … Continue reading

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And the award for “Asshole of the Year” goes to…

On Monday I rode my bicycle to work for the 3rd or 4th time. It’s about 5 miles away. I usually try to follow cars through intersections because I fell I’m less likely to get hit by another car. So I was following a blue Mustang through and he got out of the intersection much faster than I could. Meanwhile the black car to the right of us was turning left. I slowed down a little because he caught me off guard, then I continued through – well so did he. He continued to plow straight into me, just hard … Continue reading

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And Then Sunday

Sunday that cold I suspected on Saturday kicked in. I spent the entire day on the couch. Steve went on a motorcycle ride and said I would have been too cold even if I was healthy enough to go. And that’s about it. I’m not always so good about the “100” words part. Oh well. Post #5 (50-100-50)

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Twice a Witness

Yesterday I saw another accident, the second one I’ve ever seen (the first was in 2005). It happened right in front me. Had I not been paying attention I surely would have been a part of it. I was on my way home and sitting at a stop light, the middle lane of three. There was a car (car #1) going through the intersection very slowly when the light changed. I think he was going slow because maybe he wanted to turn, but wasn’t sure. He realized the light must have changed because the car to my left and I … Continue reading

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