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If Joe and Lana were Smooshed Together

They would look something like this… I saw this guy at H&M and had to take a picture!

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Victorian House Walking Tour

Steve’s mom came for a visit last week, so her and I went on the Victorian Walk through San Francisco. The tour starts in Union Square and you take a bus ride over to Lower Pacific Heights. From there you walk to Pacific Heights and on the way you see about 200 houses. Our guide was Shawna, an extremely nice and well-informed woman. We learned quite a bit of history about SF. For example, San Francisco was always urban. In the 1800’s there was a small settlement of about 400-600 people. Then the gold rush hit and within a year … Continue reading

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Valentino Rossi Vein

Moto GP was this past weekend at Laguna Seca. I was pretty excited to use my new 5d Mark II camera with its super-fast shutter and eager responsiveness. Above is the best picture I took. If you click on it and view the largest version, you can see a very intense vein in Rossi’s neck! Here’s the entire set.

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Day 125/365 – Steve’s 33rd Birthday

We started the day by riding north to Hog Island Oyster Company with Jordy and Ivan. There we shucked and grilled our own oysters. Later we joined Orion and Rebecca for sushi at Kiss Seafood in Japantown. The four of us knocked out a 1.8 liter bottle of sake – the chef didn’t think we could do it. Ha, we showed him. We went back to our place and continued to drink — we had some of the scotch pictured here and opened a bottle of Rattlesnake Ridge — yum!

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Meet Our New Family Member, Lana

Last week we decided it was time to add another doggy to the family. See, Joe is pretty much my dog. According to Steve, Joe likes him, but he loves me. What can I say, Joe’s a monogamous guy 🙂 Getting another dog was going to be tricky. Steve wanted a female because they typically bond better with men. Fortunately Joe also needed a female, preferably black and about the same size as him. As luck would have it, we found the perfect little lady at the SPCA across the street from us. On Monday Steve and I went over … Continue reading

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Lil Hummin Bird

I took this picture at Crissy Field yesterday. This little guy sat there long enough for me to get a couple of good shots. This one is my favorite. He has so much attitude. Humming birds always fascinate me, with their tiny bodies and super-fast wings.

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Dog Communication

Joe has preferences. On several occasions I managed to catch onto what Joe was trying to tell me. Once, I made him sit, put the food in his bowl, then told him to go ahead and eat it. He just sat there staring at me. I walked away thinking, eh, he’ll eat it. Moments later he was still standing there, staring at me. The staring wasn’t working. He started to give a low rolling growl (not at all mean sounding) and batted at his dish a little. I came over to him and thought about how he likes to back … Continue reading

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My Favorite

My mom made this ornament many, many years ago. Its been my favorite for as long as I can remember. I always put it as high as I can on the tree.

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Last month I finally got around to do something I’ve been interested in for many years: skydiving. I went with my friend Maritza. We decided to go on a Saturday night, and Sunday morning we were traveling across the bay to Bay Area Skydiving. While we were signing up and getting ready, I was trying not to think about the logistics of it all. I just wanted to jump out of a plane and see how it felt to be surrounded by nothing but air (and a man strapped to your back). Our jumpers kept joking around with us as … Continue reading

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Honeymoon in Thailand

Entire Photo Set After an extremely wonderful wedding on October 5th, Steve and I headed off to Thailand for two weeks. We treated ourselves to business class tickets, and boy was that worth it. The seats were extra comfortable with lots of controls; they went to a nearly flat position for sleeping. Our travel time to Thailand was about 21 hours and the trip back was 24 hours (with an 8 hour layover in Seoul). Aside from great chairs, we also got five course meals, and the food was delicious! All the hostesses looked the same – young cute Asian … Continue reading

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