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Valentino Rossi Vein

Moto GP was this past weekend at Laguna Seca. I was pretty excited to use my new 5d Mark II camera with its super-fast shutter and eager responsiveness. Above is the best picture I took. If you click on it and view the largest version, you can see a very intense vein in Rossi’s neck! Here’s the entire set.

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Last month I finally got around to do something I’ve been interested in for many years: skydiving. I went with my friend Maritza. We decided to go on a Saturday night, and Sunday morning we were traveling across the bay to Bay Area Skydiving. While we were signing up and getting ready, I was trying not to think about the logistics of it all. I just wanted to jump out of a plane and see how it felt to be surrounded by nothing but air (and a man strapped to your back). Our jumpers kept joking around with us as … Continue reading

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Damn Murphy’s Law

So, naturally, because I wrote about having a lane all to myself, when I got there this morning every lane had two people in it. Some even had three. Go figure. I managed to suck it up and swim with two others. After about two or three go arounds we were spread out evenly and it wasn’t so bad. Eventually the guy left and it was just me and a woman. And actually, I prefer swimming with women because it makes me feel faster. :p Post #12 (50-100-50)

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Swimming Patterns

I’ve been swimming at the YMCA in the Presidio since about November. I try to swim Monday, Wednesday and Friday, though I don’t make it if I’m sick or have to run an errand in the morning. I’ve been pretty consistent for the most part though. Around January and February the pool got packed for obvious reasons. People made New Year’s resolutions to lose weight and were coming to the pool to do so. This annoyed me greatly, because although the pool is big I hate sharing lanes. Splitting it two ways is fine, but when you have to circle … Continue reading

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Sweet Little Joe

This past weekend we went snowboarding and skiing up in Tahoe. Needless to say I am very sore now! Anyway, on the way there we stopped in Sacramento to visit our friends Mike & Meg (M&M). They’re at the half way point and they offered to watch Joe while we ski-boarded, so we spent Friday night at their place. On the way to Tahoe Saturday we ended up on a road that was covered heavily in snow, and opted not to continue on that road. We turned back and went straight to the hotel. Sunday we hit the slopes, and … Continue reading

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I Rolled!!!

Last night Steve and I went to the usual Tuesday night rolling sessions (see previous post). In the last couple of weeks I had practiced doing rolls with hand paddles and was able to do it pretty well, but once the regular paddle was in my hand I lost it all – two many things to think about at once. So last night after some warms ups with the hand paddles, I finally did it! I rolled not once, not twice, but about 10 times with the paddle and no assistance!!! Woo hoo, I can roll a kayak! And all … Continue reading

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So I have two very separate kayaking experiences to relay. I went sea kayaking and I’m learning how to roll a kayak for white water kayaking. Steve is teaching me how to roll, he’s taught about 30 people. On Tuesday nights we go out to Gunn High School in Palo Alto where they have 1.5 hr sessions for $5. I’ve had two lessons so far and he says that I am doing very well. Before we began I was so nervous about the whole thing. The thought of being trapped in a kayak under water scared the crap out of … Continue reading

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Snowboarding Control

I went snowboarding for the second time over the weekend. Steve and I went to Kirkwood with our friend Ben and his brother, John. I was very nervous about it, considering the terrible head trauma I had last time. But I knew that if I didn’t try it soon, I may never try it again. Plus, I bought a helmet so I knew I would at least be a little better off in that department. I took my second lesson on Saturday with John (his first lesson, second time out). I did sooooo much better this time. I’m not sure … Continue reading

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Snow Boarding

Steve and I went up to Lake Tahoe to go skiing and snowboarding this past weekend. Steve skis and I’ve never done either, so I decided to take snowboarding lessons. I was doing alright for most of the lesson until one of my last attempts. I was facing up the hill trying to stop, when I unintentionally stood up too straight, which caused me to fall backwards down the hill. First I hit my ass very hard, then I hit my head just as hard. Later on I discovered a huge bruise on my butt. I didn’t try again the … Continue reading

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Number One???

Today the marketing department took a little field trip to ride go karts and do some wine tasting. The go karts were a blast. They went up to 40 mph and we had to wear flame retardant suits and helmets. First we did some practice laps. I came in third for fastest lap time. Then, based on our practice times, we were split into four teams of 6 people. We had 8 races, so we each got to race twice. Then we did semi finals, and finals. I won every race, had best lap time and the most points! There … Continue reading

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