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Todo in SF Map

Google maps is awesome! I just created this map pinpointing all of the locations and activities listed on my Things to do in San Francisco page. How cool is that???

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Things to Remember When Designing For The Web

Or, some of what I learned at An Event Apart Boston (some of this I already knew, unfortunately) General Words are important, content is the meat of most web sites Text should be concise and to the point, scannable, not bulky Should reflect the brand or flavor of your site, speak to YOUR audience Consice, meaningful tagline Instruction should be simple and clear Get the point across in fewer words Inspiration Look at some of the many CSS galleries Keep morgue files (a collection of photos or objects that inspire you, you may also want a collection for a specific … Continue reading

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New Store

Just launched my new store, created with Shopify. You can buy my original art work as well as prints and in some cases t-shirts. As I continue to make new things I will occasionally add them to the store. Feel free to make product suggestions. As for Shopify, I have to say it’s pretty cool software. It was super easy to get started. They offer a lot of template themes, but they also allow you to completely customize your shop, which is why it looks exactly like my site. I also feel that the admin section is very easy to … Continue reading

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One Heckuva Trip

Visiting Steve’s sister Shana was fun, but everything around it wasn’t. To begin, we got a phone call in the middle of the night to tell us that our first flight was canceled and replaced by a flight an hour later. Ok, no big deal, we get an extra hour of sleep. I tried to check-in online before we left in the morning. Little did I know, I was using the wrong browser to do so. I couldn’t print our boarding passes because I was using FireFox. I tried to trick it into using the proper margins, but nothing would … Continue reading

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Sassy Ms. Dewey

On NPR last night they told us about MSN’s, Ms. Dewey. She’s a sexy woman with 600-some clips ready to respond to your queries and questions. Try telling her, “you are a ho” and she just might flip out on you (I got at least 3 different responses to that one). Anyway, it’s a pretty unique way to promote a search engine. There seem to be several different interesting intros as well. Check it out – Ms. Dewey.

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Alexa Widgets

Recently I redesigned the site widgets at Alexa, and here’s a nice little compliment about it. For your viewing pleasure, here is an old widget next to a new one: You can get a widget for your site here.

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Future of Web Apps Conference

I went to the Future of Web Apps conference last week at the Palace of Fine Arts. I would say that maybe half of the speakers talked about the future of web apps. The other half talked about their companies and how you too can be a successful web 2.0 company that eventually gets bought by some larger company. I wasn’t really interested in the entrepreneurial aspect of it all. I gathered that the future of the web will focus on identity, having one ID to log in all over the web; moving back towards desktop applications, while incorporating the … Continue reading

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Art with Graphs

One of my co-workers made this really neat chart over the weekend that has this mysterious lightning bolt going through the center. The chart is very pretty blown up, which is why I might also call it art. Check it out – Fun with the Web Search Platform

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Developer’s Corner

Just finished some cool user interface projects at work. We added a Developer’s Corner to the web site in order to help user’s build applications on the Alexa Web Search Platform. The corner has tutorials and sample applications. They’re some pretty neat little apps, check ’em out!

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ClassHat Logo

Just added another item to my portfolio. A logo for ClassHat, an application that will create Java classes on the fly, like magic. The site isn’t available yet, but I’ll let you know when it is. (Update) – here’s the link

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