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Some Paris Photo Sets

Well, I’ve completed 12 out of 15 photo sets for Paris. Feel free to check out what I have so far.

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Pictures of Nice

I just finished uploading all the pictures of Nice. In a few days I should have all the pictures of Paris uploaded.

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Saturday – Travel Home

We got up really early to get ready and ride the Metro to the airport. The apartment owners, Claude and Claudie met with us to square things away. I think I could have stayed longer, but I was also glad to go home. Paris is a wonderful place. I really liked the people and most that we met were very friendly. Every corner or circle seemed busy and buzzing with life. Not to mention the beautiful buildings everywhere and the wonderful monuments and such. I could very easily live there. I was glad to head home only because I missed … Continue reading

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Friday – An Even Fancier Lunch

Lunch on Friday was a three star restaurant, even fancier than Tuesday’s lunch. The interior of the place seemed to be classic French with painted ceilings and high windows with thick curtains. When we sat down I put my purse on the floor and an attendant brought over a purse stool – heaven forbid it touch the ground! All the food was very decorative and pretty. I think I won for most intricate entree. But I have to say, I only liked about half the food. A couple of the dishes had this strange sauce that I just didn’t agree … Continue reading

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Thursday – The Louvre

Thursday we got up early and went to Musée du Louvre. Like Notre Dame, there were some pieces I had learned about in art history that I was dying to see, the statue of Nike being one of them. It wasn’t in very good shape (no where near as good as the picture I linked to), but it was still wonderful to see. They placed it at the top of some stairs so your first view of it is amazing. And the statue is much larger than I thought it would be too. We also saw the Mona Lisa and … Continue reading

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Wednesday – Shopping

Another day to take it easy; we spent the afternoon shopping. Steve was only interested in dress shirts. After walking around for a while we went into a nook with stores and what did we stumble on? A store filled just with dress shirts! The guy in the shop was very friendly and didn’t speak much English. So our entire transaction was made up of hand gestures, a few French words and a few English words. He guessed Steve’s size pretty accurately and we left with four awesome shirts and two ties. Then it was my turn. Just as in … Continue reading

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Tuesday – A Special Day

Orion made lunch reservations at a two star restaurant. In France the rating goes from zero to three – if you’re listed at all then you’re hot shit and it goes up from there. So hopefully you can imagine how nice and classy a two star is. I do believe it’s the fanciest place I’ve ever been. They had different servers for each task. There was one person taking care of our drinks, one serving the food, one taking the order and a Maitre ‘d. They started us off with delicious bread and thinly sliced meat, both brought over on … Continue reading

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Monday – Extraordinary Site Seeing

We decided to spend the day walking around again and ended up going straight towards Notre Dame. There was a huge line wrapping around to the side of the building, but we were happy to discover that it was for the towers. We went inside to check it out along with a lot of other tourists. It was just as beautiful as I’d imagined in my art history classes. Finally, after 9+ years, I was standing in this gorgeous Cathedral. The ceiling was high and from the inside the stain glass appeared to be magical. I took tons of pictures, … Continue reading

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Sunday – A Rainy Day

I was very bummed waking up to the sound of rain Sunday morning. Luckily we brought umbrellas with us, so it wasn’t a complete show stopper, but we took the day very slowly. Steve and Orion went out to the farmers market to buy ingredients for dinner and when they came back said I HAD to check it out. So I went over (it was just a block away) and walked around. There seemed to be every kind of food imaginable – fish, meat, vegetables, fruit, candy, pastries, bread, cheese and other things like clothes, scarves, flowers, souvenirs, and more. … Continue reading

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Saturday – Off to Paris

We got up early and headed to the train station for a long ride to Paris. I was excited that I’d actually be awake this time, able to see the various landscapes of France. But I was quite wrong. The moment that train started moving I was snoozing. The ride was about 5.5 hours and I slept for 3.5 of them. The last two we played a game called Hive and I got motion sick from concentrating on it. The train couldn’t of stopped any sooner after that. Getting to the apartment was fairly easy, a quick cheap cab ride. … Continue reading

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