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This is one of those days where I just feel like running away. However, upon deeper reflection I ask myself, “what exactly am I running away from?” And the answer is myself. Unfortunately that is one thing I cannot escape from. I am stuck in this awful place, surrounded by beautiful people and beautiful things, unaffected by them.

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Various Thoughts and Poems

Last night I had a bad dream that my mother died. The worst part about the dream is that a week or so before her death, I had thought about telling her how much I love her and how much she means to me. Finding out that she died, in the dream, I was grief stricken and regretful that I hadn’t told her my feelings. Today I think I will. One Night I Married The Moon He was in full bloom, radiantly sparkling. In his splendor I revealed all of my secrets. We talked for hours. He listened and smiled. … Continue reading

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Think About It…

12.08.00 “Tea” – Well, so much for updating this everyday huh? I just didn’t think it’d be worth it for the two people that actually check the site. Anyway, my latest realization is that tea is the best drink ever. The reason that it is the best is quite simple, you can drink it hot or cold, or in between at room temperature and it tastes good. Response- I agree, tea is a very delightful drink, it can be hot anytime of the year and cold any time of the year. You can drink it in the morning, in the … Continue reading

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Writing From My Past

Here is some writing from my past (both my own and other authors). I found them all hand-written on notebook paper, saved for a later date. The later date is now. Listed in no particular order. – Enjoy! If ever two people were meant to be united, then these are the two Two minds that rhyme, beyond this pretentious planet that others walk upon Clouds wondering above this world, softly touching, blending together time after time The souls of two flowers, born and born again Blossom in the warm sun Gracefully grow old and weary Side by side in the … Continue reading

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to be free

what does it mean to be free? to fly through the air, or speed down the highway, or swim naked through the warm great lake? why do i crave it? this freedom that i don’t have? it consumes me teases me taunts and escapes dancing at the edge of my finger tips, circles around me, laughing, poking, it won’t let me be i don’t want to possess it don’t want to contain it i just want to be part of it, for just a moment free

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