Caution, Wet Paint

Just launched the redesign for my web site. It’s been about a year and half since the last design had been put in place, so I felt that it was time for a face lift.

I’m completely in love with this new look, which just sort of fell into place after five “so-so” designs in photoshop. What was the best part about updating the look? It only took about an hour to cut it up and integrate with my existing CSS files.

Ah CSS, what a wonderful thing to be acquainted with (thanks to Steve of course).

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I'm a quiet artist making a living as a web designer.
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2 Responses to Caution, Wet Paint

  1. Ryan says:

    VERY NICE!! I love the new look. Great job

  2. Nikki says:

    Thanks… I can’t stop looking at it 😉

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