Children of Men

When I first saw the movie poster and read the description, I thought the movie sounded a little dumb. Then Steve and I went to see it this past weekend based on some of the ratings we found – and we were not disappointed.

The movie was *excellent*. I loved the story, the directing, the acting, the great shots throughout, and most of all the subtlety. Alfonso Cuarón (director) managed to tell the viewer quite a lot by using small things in the background, without saying a word outright. That shows me that he respects us as viewers and that he knows we can pick up on such things.

Steve noticed that one of the scenes towards the end was a really long continuous shot. I need to see the movie again just to find out how long it was. I wonder if Cuarón was going for a record or something? Anyway, after he brought it to my attention and I thought back on it, I was very impressed.

Cuarón and Sexton (co-writer) really thought through a lot of things and totally captured human reactions and responses. I don’t think there were any unbelievable parts in the movie, and it was full of touching moments.

I highly recommend you catch this movie, in the theater if you can.

Children of Men (IMDb)

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