Clifford Bailey

Bailey does some really awesome painting, my favorite being “Caldonia!“. I just love the colors in the musicians faces, as if they’re playing something very intense. His art in general seems to carry a lot of feeling.

I saw his work a couple of weeks ago on a trip to Carmel-by-the-sea (yeah, that’s its real name, cute eh?). It’s a very nice little cottage town, very quaint and pretty, full of art galleries and rich people.

If only I had enough money to even buy a giclee

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2 Responses to Clifford Bailey

  1. janis krantz says:

    I am interested in art work by Clifford Bailey. Caldonia or Them There Eyes. Please contact me with price information

  2. janis krantz says:

    I love the art work by Clifford Bailey. IT has such a fun attitude and a flair I have never before seen. My husband and I both get a kick out of his faces, and the personalities of the musicians.

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