Day Eleven, Easy Day

Day 223/365 - Picnic We had a pretty calm, easy day. We drove into town for snacks to make a picnic lunch and brought them back to Le Torri. We set up outside and munched our goodies for a while before discovering the swarm of mosquitoes who were also happily munching.

Later we went to a small winery in Montespertoli. The woman who poured for us was quite charming. She was from Spain but had been living in Montespertoli for about seven years. She taught us how to properly pronounce the city’s name and a few other words.

Before dinner we hung out by the pool at Le Torri for a while. Got bit by some more mosquitoes. Then headed back into Montespertoli for dinner. The restaurant was pretty busy. Even though Gabriele called ahead for us, they only had two two-person tables. A couple at a four-person table noticed our situation and moved for us. We tried to buy their dessert to thank them, but the restaurant bought it instead.

The whole place was full of Americans. We spoke a little to the table next to us. A young couple and what I assume were the guy’s parents. They were all from Florida. I think they were celebrating the young woman’s pregnancy, or just simply vacationing. They actually helped us try to communicate with the server a few times.

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