Day Four, More Roaming in Rome


Unlike the day before, we managed to wake up at a decent time. First on the agenda for the day: the Pantheon. One of my life goals was to see the Pantheon, ever since I learned about it in Art History. Seeing the inside was quite an experience, photos just don’t do it justice. The interior is lined with marble and in general it felt smaller than I thought it would. The dome was quite impressive though, with the light shining through. I have to admit, I was a little disappointed that it was appropriated by Christians. But I later found out that this fact saved the building from destruction, so it can’t be all that bad. I was shocked to discover that Raphael, two kings and a queen are buried there. There are many other neat facts I found on Wikipedia, for instance the dome is still the largest freestanding to this day. (More info) (my pictures)

We finally got the text messaging working for the WhaiWhai game. The game led us to several locations through the old part of Rome. Unfortunately we had already see most of them. And we were a little disappointed that there wasn’t more to solve. We just had to text them with some visual cue about the location. There are different levels to the game though, and maybe it would have been more fun if we had chosen a harder one. (pictures of what we saw while playing)

We also finally got around to eating some Roman pizza at one of the best pizza places, Da Baffetto. We all fell in love with the Quattro Formaggie (Four Cheese). To begin with we ordered four different pizzas (they’re small enough), and then we all agreed we needed another Quattro Formaggie! Who knew the four cheese would be the best?

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