Day Seven, Home on the Range

Cancabaia I actually woke up early and went for a run. We brought our running shoes and some workout clothes thinking we would try to exercise, and this was the first (and sadly last) time I busted them out. Running down the country road so early was quite peaceful. The only ones awake were me, some dogs and some chickens. When I got back I showered and everyone else started waking up because this morning we were going to get a tour of the Pamresan farm!

Bruno showed us where they turn the milk into cheese; then the tubs the cheese sits in; then the prized barn where it ages for about 21 months. The inspectors come and knock on the cheese to see if its worthy of the Parmasen stamp. If not, they burn it – ha, just kidding. (Parmesan tour pictures)

After our early tour we all took a little nap. Later we went to Parma and walked around. We all enjoyed Parma more than Modena. It just seemed friendlier and more city-like. We got sandwiches for lunch and Orion ordered raw horse meat! He seemed to thoroughly enjoy it.

Later that night Bruno suggested we have dinner at “grandma’s house” – Da Nuccia. We had a really hard time finding it. The place was on a dark, residential, back road and the sign was about the size of my forearm – with no lighting. Fortunately she spoke no English – we had a blast trying to guess what she was saying. At one point we had a plate of meat with a few pieces left on it. She came over and asked, “ancora?” We thought she wanted to take it away, but she was asking if we wanted more – encore!

When we got back to our B&B we exchanged drinks with hosts, Bruno and Simona. Orion mixed them sazeracs and Bruno gave us fruit infused liquors. We had so much fun talking and exchanging cultural ideals and intricacies. We kept him up until 2:30am, not knowing he had to work the next day.

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