Day Twelve, Florence Seconds

Firenze Another day trip to Florence. We finally made it to that special sandwich shop, the Oil Shoppe. My friend Shawna recommended it. Apparently its all she lived on when she did her studies abroad for six months. The sandwiches were quite good, all four of us devoured them happily.

After eating we saw the Firenze Duomo. I was really blown away by the outside, striped with pink, white and green marble. Very ornate, which I love. The inside, however, was not so impressive. I think the inside of the Siena Duomo wins, and the outside of the Firenze Duomo wins. What contest are they winning? The pretty, ornate, Italian things contest. And Siena and Firenze are enemies, so these things matter. (my pictures, mostly the outside because, like I said, the inside is boring)

Then we trekked to the top of Piazzele Michealangelo, which harbors the best view of Firenze (info on Wikipedia). It was quite breathtaking. There was a couple taking wedding pictures, I snapped a few shots of them. I’ve heard the view is even more spectacular when the city is covered in snow, which only happens about once every twenty years. (my pictures)

That night we ate near Le Torri, and guess who pulled up to the parking lot at the same exact time? Eh, you’ll never guess – it was the young couple and parents from Florida from dinner the night before. How funny is that? Very, I tell ya!

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