Day Two, Sightseeing

The original goal was to be at the fish market at 6am, which meant we had to wake up at 4:30am. We adjusted our target time to 6:30am and agreed on a meeting place. We all arrived on time, but didn’t get there until 7am. When we got to our sushi destination the line was around the corner and the wait was two hours! On top of that, it was cold and rainy.

I was really hungry, so I decided to find a snack while we waited. There was a booth nearby that looked like it had some sweets, so I wandered over. The woman didn’t speak English, but she figured out what I wanted. She pointed to some white doughy balls and said, “sweet. yum.” Exactly what I was looking for! They were filled with red bean and were, in fact, sweet yum.

The two hours it took to get inside felt like forever. Once inside it took a good ten minutes for my hands to thaw out. The sushi that stood out the most was salmon roe. Steve couldn’t stop talking about how wonderful it was. After filling up we headed to a place called “Decks” – an indoor complex (more info). It was a neat place, there was an old section with a lot of toys and crazy fun things, including a photo booth where Fumi and I spent about half an hour decorating ourselves.

We walked around for a while then stopped at a coffee shop to rest. Later we had okonomiyaki for lunch. Another delicious meal. I really wish we could get some good okonomiyaki in San Francisco. We were so tired from waking up early that we all decided to go back to our apartments and take a nap before dinner. Fumi had some things to get done before the wedding, so we were just going to meet up with Kaori for dinner – hot pots.

Exploring "Decks" Exploring "Decks" Okonomiyaki for Lunch Exploring "Decks"

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