I normally don’t kill spiders, unless they look pregnant or are really creepy – like the one I killed this morning. It sort of looks like a coffee bean or something. It was very freaky looking so I took a few pictures (of course) and then killed it with my flip-flop. It made a loud crunch sound and that bean was all liquid. Gross!!! You can’t tell from the photo, but it’s about the size of a nickel.

Looking for ugly animals? Check out this strange bug 🙂

Ugly Bean Spider

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3 Responses to Eeek!

  1. Ramon says:

    yeah i found one of those beans in my bathroom yesterday, and it made think about burritos… b/c they look like beans… Hahaha

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  3. eeeeeeuuurrgh thats sick! says:

    euugh thats sick! its shape looks a bit like a white tailed spider!

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