Elvis or the Beatles?

On my old site I had this poll about Elvis and the Beatles. Basically, who would you chose? I got a lot of feedback on it and if I recall correctly, the Beatles were winning by a land slide. I raise this question based on Mia Wallace’s comments in Pulp Fiction. She said something to the effect that you are a fan of one or the other and it says a lot about who you are. I tend to agree 🙂

So let’s have at it, what type of person are you?

Elvis Presley or the Beatles?
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One Response to Elvis or the Beatles?

  1. Sepherenia says:

    What nonsense, I love the both of them! 😛

    (Though I suppose, if push came to shove, I’d vote for The Beatles… maybe, no, Elvis, no, The Beatles… argh. What a conundrum!)

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