Finally, a Portfolio Update

M&I Bear M&I Panel
I recently did some freelance work for M&I Bank in Milwaukee. Every year they put up a big holiday display with huge stuffed animals, and they always send out invitations for the opening night. The invites are geared towards children, which is how they found my profile on the iSpot. They wanted the art to be colorful, bright and whimsical. And there was a super tight deadline. Unfortunately this happened while we were moving, so on top of the stress our landlord caused, I was also stressed out about this project. In any case, the illustrations turned out well. M&I was very happy with my work. They’ll be sending samples of the invites soon.

I’ve also been working on a couple of site designs for OutScheme, one of which is live now. I redesigned Mailinator’s logo along with the look and feel of the site. The other site isn’t out yet.

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I'm a quiet artist making a living as a web designer.
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  1. SAM says:

    Cool pics. You have a knack of being fun. By the way, saw your Tobie Tee. Love it.

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