Food in the Bay Area

One of the many awesome things about living in the Bay Area, is that every little city here has a lot of nice restaurants. Not just chains either, mom-and-pops. And there’s so much variety among them. It’s easy to find Sushi, Indian, Chinese, Thai, Mexican, Italian… Now, the food isn’t always excellent, but hey, go a little farther down the road and you’ll find another place that might be the best meal you’ve ever had.

I could eat lunch at a different type of restaurant everyday for at least a couple weeks before I have to start over again. I could go even longer trying new places, there are so many here where I work and in the surrounding cities.

For lunch today I had sushi, which was very yummy. And for desert I had green tea cheese cake. I had never even heard of that before. It was pretty good, definitely not too sweet.

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