Friday – An Even Fancier Lunch

Lunch on Friday was a three star restaurant, even fancier than Tuesday’s lunch. The interior of the place seemed to be classic French with painted ceilings and high windows with thick curtains. When we sat down I put my purse on the floor and an attendant brought over a purse stool – heaven forbid it touch the ground!

All the food was very decorative and pretty. I think I won for most intricate entree. But I have to say, I only liked about half the food. A couple of the dishes had this strange sauce that I just didn’t agree with, and unfortunately I can’t describe the flavor to you. Definitely the prettiest food I’ve ever had. Steve agreed that Tuesday’s hi-end lunch tasted better.

Following lunch we rested at the apartment. We were getting ready to go out again when we looked outside and saw some looming storm clouds. I haven’t seen a thunderstorm in several years, it just doesn’t happen in San Francisco. So Steve and I were both excited and happy to take in this one. That cold wind before the huge droplets start to fall. The dark clouds moving quickly across the sky. Flashes of lightening brighten the surrounding clouds followed by a rumble of thunder. Boy was that nice! It was also fun watching all the people scurry around the busy circle, and folks waiting in the Metro entrance for the rain to stop. So funny.

Once the rain finally cleared we went out for our last meal in Paris. A simple small one over in the Latin Quarter. After that, back to the apartment for packing and clean up. And of course, a few more episodes of Heroes.

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