Girona, Day 1

(Saturday, May 12th)

Our friend Orion turned 40 this year. To celebrate he invited a group of 18 people for a wine soaked week in Spain. Sixteen of us spent the first week in a castle north of Barcelona, in Tortella near Girona. The second week we stayed in two apartments in Barcelona. A few people left for home and a few new people joined, so there were four in one apartment and eleven in the other. We all owe a big thanks to Rebecca for organizing this fantastic trip!!!

The flights to Barcelona weren’t that bad, when we landed I thought I wasn’t that tired. But when we finally got on the road to Girona and I had to drive to the castle my fatigue really started to rear its ugly head. Steve, Orion, Ben and I had to stop and get some wine to hold us over for the first couple nights and I could barely hang on. There weren’t very many places open thanks to siesta, so we had to drive around a lot. When we finally did find one, the guys went in and I napped in the car. That nap was epic! I felt so much better after that.

Finally we were off to the castle. Rebecca and some others were already there. She gave us newcomers a tour and OMG, this place was amazing! Every room, every outdoor space was spectacular! There were doves in the “aviary” and neat outdoor space. And many of the doorways and ceiling are low in areas reminding one that this is a real castle, just updated and modern. It was really a castle though I guess, more like a manor.

People gradually arrived and we all hugged and met some new people to the group. Once everyone was present we decided to go outside by the cabana thing. Some people went into the hot tub, and some of us argued over whether or not a beeping sound was electronic or a frog (FYI, it was a frog Jeff!).

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