Girona, Day 5

(Wednesday, May 16th)

We go kayaking and don’t leave on time, but make it there in good time anyway.

I had been sea kayaking twice before and river kayaking once. And on this time out I discovered that I don’t ever want to kayak again. But everyone else has a great time. The reason I don’t ever want to kayak again is it’s a lot of work for very little pay off. That day was super windy and so very difficult to get the boat moving, especially in the direction you wanted. And you can see most of the sea stuff from the shore. I can understand river kayaking more, but it’s not for me either.

The kayak crew was phenomenal. They were so professional about everything and cautious about getting us to move around in those winds. They led us through choppy water around some huge rocks and into an alcove where we stopped for lunch. They also stopped a few times to talk about the local water wildlife. The woman, Pat, picked up a sea urchin and started explaining about its pointy spines, its mouth, and its asshole! That sounded so funny coming out of her pretty mouth with her adorable Spanish accent!

On the way back we stopped to get fresh fish to cook. We also experienced some crazy things on the way. We saw a strange, giant, clown/kid thing. Then we saw a woman standing on a roundabout and Steve asked if she was a hooker. The van consensus was no because she wasn’t scantally clad. Then on the next roundabout we saw a woman standing in her underwear, butt out to the road leaning on the guardrail! I then decided that taking a picture of the prostitute on next the roundabout had to be done. I didn’t realize this, but Iris tried to do the same in the back seat. As we drove past her the car was full of laughter, so Steve couldn’t hear the GPS and turned into the first road off the circle. It was a parking lot, which meant we had to go back past the same hooker! Needless to say, she wasn’t pleased with us. Swearing in some other language she heaved her water bottle at us in anger — if only we had a picture of that! Ah, Europe and roundabout hookers.

The roundabout weirdness continued down the road when a large heard of sheep (or goats?) crossed the circle, stopping traffic. Craziness around every bout!

That night we ate grilled sandwiches.

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