I Hate You Hillary

Why do I say this? Because she’s dragging this whole nominee thing on way too long. At first it was cool, yeah, she’s standing up for her right to be President. She can do it! Though I’ve been rooting for Obama the whole time, I’m still proud of her accomplishments.

But now, months later, way too far into the year, I’m tired of it. And I truly believe that her refusal to accept defeat is going to hurt Democrats in the end. I believe this because I’m writing a post about how much I hate her right now. If she actually wins, will that hatred go away? It will for me because I’m not voting for McCain, but will it go away for everyone else in my boat?

Likewise this can’t be good for Obama either. The length of this fight is really must be starting to divide potential Democratic voters. McCain was on Saturday Night Live this past weekend joking about this very point (video clip here). And I have to say, I think it’s a valid point.

Give it up Hillary!!! Give it up.

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