I Passed the MSF Course!

I took the two wheel safety training course and passed! First there was a 6 hour classroom session last Thursday night. I was a little disappointed with it, and felt like I hadn’t learned much more than what I read about in the little MSF book I got when I bought my motorcycle.

Then there were two 6 hour classes on the bike, one Saturday and one Sunday. Let me first say that 6 hours on a bike sucks! It’s very tiring and my butt was pretty sore by the end of it.

On Saturday we learned the basics, and I did pretty well for the most part. Sunday I did much better. At the end of class they did evaluations. You could get 20 points or less and pass. If you pass, then you don�t have to take the skill test at the DMV, you just present your certificate and they give you your license (you still have to take the written part though, which I�ve already done � so I have my permit). So for every mistake you make it�s one point. Mistakes could be going outside the line, looking at the ground not going fast or slow enough, anticipating a stop.

I did so horrible on the evaluation! I thought for sure I failed � at least 19 points � which was a pretty close guess, because I got 18!

When I rode to work today I was a thousand times more confident. I took the turns so much better, knew exactly what to do. I couldn�t wait to go home just so I could ride again! That class was worth every penny!

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