Joe’s Day at Work

Today I brought Joe to work with me. When we first arrived there weren’t too many people in yet. He investigated every nook and cranny of the place frantically. Then as each person started to arrive he ran up to greet him/her. Luckily no one was afraid of dogs!

One of my generous co-workers brought in bagels. I was a little concerned, but not too much. And then I heard it – “Hey!” I went over to the distressed voice to find that my dog had stolen half a bagel off of his desk! He said in Joe’s direction, “you’re banned from this side of the office!” But he must not have been too upset, because he came over to my desk a little later to say hi to Joe and give him a few pats on the head.

A couple of the women were commenting on how soft he was, like silk. One asked if I had given him a bath just for the trip to work. I told her that Joe has a lot of beagle in him, and I think that’s where he gets that softness from.

Most of the day Joe just sat there next to me, or lay down for a half-asleep nap. He would get up and wonder around a little, but always came back over by me. Everyone loved him and commented on how calm and well behaved he was – well, except for his food thievery. Overall he is a very good dog.

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