Joe’s Not Just Fat

Joe Since I’ve had my dog he’s been a little over weight and not very energetic. I fed him diet dog food – the proper portions – and he’s only lost a little weight. He was never much for playing, and when he did it was only for extremely short bouts.

This past week Joe was sick a couple of times and Steve suggested taking him to the vet, because he was also a little lathargic (more than usual). So I took him and the vet did some blood work. As it turns out, Joe has a low thyroid problem. The symptoms describe him to a T!

Thyroid is a disease, not something that can be cured. The vet says I can give him medication that will hopefully make him spunkier. If the mediation works it means that I will be giving him two pills a day for the rest of his life. A small price to pay for a spunkier, healthier, happier dog. I picked it up today, so we’ll see how it affects him.

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