Kaboom… Flying Tortillas?

Over the weekend we went to see the Kfog Kaboom fireworks. I had really high hopes and expectations because last year they were phenomenal. This year however, they weren’t quite as good. One reason might be that the music started late and so it wasn’t synced up quite right.

I mean, that was why it kicked ass last year, I’d never seen fireworks synchronized to music and so well. And it isn’t just that they sync up, it’s also good because the type of firework really matches the type of music that is playing.

But, despite the delay they were still really good. One of the works was shaped like a cube, how the heck do they do that?

During the day while waiting for the fireworks to start we were all just hanging out chatting on our blankets, when all of a sudden someone threw a tortilla through the air. Then there were about 10 more, then 20, 40, and finally 100’s of them!

People were getting hit left and right! And everyone was laughing, including me. It was a gut buster. How many crowds of people have you been in where no one would get angry about that? I seriously think that if it happened back east someone would have been pissed. But here everyone was happily laughing. Oh that was so much fun 🙂

(photo by smjphoto)

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2 Responses to Kaboom… Flying Tortillas?

  1. Mathew says:

    Ummm… where exactly did these tortillas come from?

  2. Nikki says:

    Well, I imagine that someone brought them as a snack and had the bright idea to toss one like a frisbee. Then everyone else said, “oh yeah, we brought some too” and then started tossing them. We also had some in our snack bag, but didn’t realize it until the fun was over.

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