Last night I went to karaoke with my Aunt Di and her two friends, Dean and Mary. She invited me because the bar is going to have a karaoke contest; I went because I like to sing.

I started the evening off with “Excuse Me Mr.” by No Doubt, and did pretty well. It’s a good warm up song for me, it’s quick and short. There were a lot of people singing, one or two that were completely unbearable, so it took a while for my second song, “White Rabbit”, to come around. When it finally did, the DJ asked if he could record me because it’s a good song and he thought I’d do it well. “I’ll record you for free”, he said (they are usually $2.00). I said �sure, why not.� So he recorded me and the cool thing is that you can keep adding songs to your disc, so I also have myself doing “Bohemian Rhapsody” and Aunt Di singing “Strokin'” – she did a wonderfully hilarious job on that one.

Later in the evening the DJ announced that if he recorded you, you are automatically in the contest next week. So I guess Aunt Di and I are in. I doubt I’ll win anything though, because I listened to myself this morning, and I’m not very good – but I�ll still go because it’s so much fun to sing!

(If you are interested in hearing me sing “White Rabbit” – here’s the MP3.)

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