So I have two very separate kayaking experiences to relay. I went sea kayaking and I’m learning how to roll a kayak for white water kayaking.

Steve is teaching me how to roll, he’s taught about 30 people. On Tuesday nights we go out to Gunn High School in Palo Alto where they have 1.5 hr sessions for $5. I’ve had two lessons so far and he says that I am doing very well.

Before we began I was so nervous about the whole thing. The thought of being trapped in a kayak under water scared the crap out of me. But he went step by step, first showing me how to escape, then moving on to rolling and all of its steps. It was no where near as bad as I anticipated.

At the end of my second lesson I actually rolled the kayak on my own, although I didn’t really feel it – felt just like when he was supporting me. So apparently it’s somewhat impressive to get it on your second time in the boat. He also says that women learn a lot easier than men because we actually listen and we don’t try to muscle it. It’s kind of fun and I can’t wait to try again and actually “get it.”

Beached Kayaks Now the sea kayaking… I went with my friend Nicci and a group of her friends. We went out at White Gulch in Point Reyes. It was a three hour tour that included lunch. The day was overcast and not too windy, which seemed to be perfect. Our guides were very nice and lunch was pretty darn good.

We saw some Tule Elk, a huge buck with a harem of about 8-9 females. When he saw us he stared for quite a while then decided to move them up hill – hearing him bugle was quite fascinating. We also had a harbor seal following us around for a little while. The guide pulled a big starfish out of the water and passed it around. And we saw all sorts of birds.

The tour was very quiet and peaceful and just long enough to tire me out. I was a little sore afterwards, but not too bad. After that we went to a local bar and had oysters and beer. I had a good time 🙂

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  1. I love Sea Kayaking and it seams you are starting to love it too. I love the way it makes you forget your troubles and just enjoy the peace and the views, making unforgettable memories.

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