London, Day 3

London - CamdenWow, we managed to sleep for 13 hours – from 12a to 1p! When we finally got ready for the day we just walked over to Camden and ate lunch a cute little Italian restaurant. On the wall above us was a cute picture of an old couple. I asked the waiter to take our photo with them in the background, but it didn’t turn out too well.

After lunch we walked around Camden and saw the cool market area and store fronts with cool 3d signs above them. It all reminded us of the Haight (which also reminds us of Coventry back home).

Later that night we attended a charity ball with our hosts – World for Libya. We had a lot of fun watching our table mates bid on things. There weren’t a ton of things to bid on – about 11 items – and our table won three of them! One of the items was a ring filled with white and black diamonds. When the ring was passed around our table I was surprised at how heavy it was.

The ball was topped off with a comedian, Maz Jobrani, who was really funny. That may be the first time I’ve ever seen a comedian live. He made fun of all types of people and when he asked how many Jews were in the room, Steve was the only one who raised a hand. So he ended up making fun of Steve directly with a joke or two. It was good stuff, and if my memory were better I would relate it to you.

Pictures of Camden

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