London, Day 4

Canons We woke up at a slightly more decent time on this day – 11:30am. Ate breakfast and headed out for the Tate Modern and Tower of London. Steve discovered online that the last tour for the Tower is at 3:30, so we went there first (we ended up at the Tate another day).

Our tour guide was funny and full of character – a Yeoman Warder. We learned a lot of neat things from him about the Tower, which is actually several towers and buildings on the inside. We saw the Crown Jewels and they were not as spectacular as I expected. The large jewels looked fake, probably because the cut was so simple. We also saw some torture devices, but the area was really small. Something they aren’t very proud of? And we walked through the armory. It took a long time to get through it all and was quite tiring.

Outside near the Tower is Tower Bridge, which a lot of people mistake for London Bridge. It’s a gorgeous, fancy blue thing crossing the Thames. We walked over it and found a neat place to eat off the beaten path, Dean Swift. As we ordered some dinner the place started to fill up with office workers stopping off for a happy hour drink and chat.

We were so tired (and getting cold) after that so we just headed home.

Pictures from the Tower of London

Pictures of Tower Bridge

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