London, Day 5

Millenium Bridge This was a pretty rainy day so we decided to do some indoor site seeing. We went to the Tate Modern and I was surprised to find no admission fee. I haven’t been to a free art museum since the Cleveland Museum of Art! Apparently all the art museums in London are free. I liked about half of the art I saw. I don’t always understand abstract art and I find it rare that it actually speaks to me. There were a few pieces that really moved me, one of those being Lost Mine by Peter Lanyon.

We were pretty tired after spending a few hours walking around the museum (that’s always so tiring!) so we headed back. That night we met Shana’s soon-to-be mother-in-law, Karen and her husband Paul. We had a delightful dinner with them at Kettner’s and learned a lot about what they do and how British aristocracy works – an idea very foreign to us Americans, as we really have nothing to compare it to. My dish, Coq au vin, was delicious, but I don’t think Steve was impressed with his. When we arrived the place was packed and when we left it was empty, the time simply flew by as we got acquainted. I’m really looking forward to seeing them again at the wedding in Cancun.

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