London, Day 6

Big Ben and London Eye Yet another rainy day. We had another late start, so we had a lot of trouble find a place to eat lunch at 3pm. We attempted to do more walking tours and headed out for the Wander in Westminster tour. The first thing we saw on the tour was London Eye and then Big Ben. Big Ben was indeed very big, much wider than either of us expected. As we walked around the British Parliament building and over to Westminster Abby it started raining pretty hard. We wussed out and headed back to the house.

We hung out there and relaxed then went to see X-Men later that evening. I was mostly happy with the movie, but there were (as always) some really ridiculous things that annoyed me. That evening we had drinks at the bar with our hosts and their college friends. I believe that was another night where we ended up going to bed around 4am, thanks to our hostess. Obviously we have a really good time chatting with her until all hours of the night!

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