London, Day 7

Can you believe it, we had another late start! We wanted to get some good fish n chips again (chippys), but it was late in the afternoon and most places were closed until dinner time. We did find one place near Camden Lock, Lockside Lounge. They weren’t nearly as good as Blackfriar’s, but they did the trick. We ended up walking around Camden Market, which was even fuller then when we saw it earlier in the week – due to it being a Sunday. I shopped around a bit and bought myself two dresses and Steve two cool t-shirts.

That night we took our hosts and their children to dinner, a cute little Chinese restaurant across the street. The restaurant was a boat on the canal, and the food was OK. Eating with kids was interesting though. They have so much energy, they never stop going! After we dropped off the kids and went to a pub for some ale then headed in for the night.

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